URL link: Dawntonya Gantt Cinematographer Reel

Title: The Story of Lives

Job title/role: Directing and Editing

Location: Seattle, WA

Video Description: This is all about real life. These are the people when you are creating your 1st films will be your test subjects. With that being said. I love to create PSA’s, and real life videos. I started this video of the little girl walking in slow motion. I think that when shooting that the innocence of the subject should always be captured. The images in my film are both candid and unintentional. I feel that people release more of themselves, and who they are when life is not scripted. I love watching outtakes from movies and watching the laughter and smile on people’s face and they forget their lines; pure joy is both seen and felt.

My goal for this demo reel was just about me, not in a vain way. This was to capture my life, my friends, my family, my city. The smaller things in life, real life, the things and lives that matter the most.