Motion Typography: Inspirational Speech | Rocky Balboa

Motion Typography: Rocky Balboa Inspirational Speech

We all fall down, and sometimes, it’s not so much that it’s hard to get up; we are intimated, we feel defeated, and we are and afraid. The silver screen is reserved for the best of the best. Yes, there will always someone smarter, faster, and more talented. There will be those rejection letters, those disappointments, and those failed attempts. Those are the times where throwing in the towel seems like the best option. You feel that maybe, you just can’t do this.

Those are the moments you need to stand; those are the moments to rise up. Tell yourself you are smart, you are talented. Those are the moments where you remember that Walt Disney was rejected for lack to creativity. Those are the moments that you remember that you have the drive, the creativity in you, your natural God given talent. You are just as good as the greatest screenwriters to have ever set foot on planet earth. You have the ability to create magic. Yes will their will struggle, and disappointments, but you are worth the fight, you will fight, and you will fight it all to prove who you are, and what you can do, even if the only person that see it is you. YOU ARE WORTH IT. YOU ARE TALENTED! YOU WILL CONTINUE TO RISE! YOU WILL MAKE IT!

Why I found this video interesting, I know I can and will make it!