About Me

14372108_10207479158714221_7796560296534419576_oMy name is as unique as my work. My name is Dawntonya Gantt. My name is derived of two parties, a combined effort. However, this suits me well as it speaks volumes for my work. As my name is unforgettable so is my work.

I started my business in early 2004. I will have to admit to the masses that this was an accidental found my talent at the young age of 24. My stumbling on my craft was when I wanted to create a video for my first newborn daughter. Not only was I appalled by the price, but the work was plain, boring, as I seen images move across the screen of my child.

After 16 long hours of a snow day weekend, I essentially taught myself the basics of creating what at the time I thought was to be a slide show. I was creative, my timing of nothing live and still images exact. I told a story within a story. I recreated a time once passed. More and more, I perfected my natural-born talent. Starting with friends children’s videos, then funerals, now currently working on PSA for a large-scale. I am inventive, I take a new approach on how people video what they are watching. I have done funeral services, in which it was like I literally brought the person back to life, if just for a moment. My talent is natural, as I enjoy every moment I create.

“I am a videographer, naturally talented. I am inspired to create videos, stories, memories, using images along with music, bringing anything I do to life. If a picture is worth 1000 words, I have just created a speechless masterpiece”